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The Internet has become a money game for everyone. Effective promotion of any website is a major concern these days as internet space is pilling up gradually making it tougher for website's to perform well and gain success. Searching for relevant data is becoming more and more complicated with thousands of other sites being launched each day.

The search engines have a database of billions of website's which are running with certain keywords. When a search request is triggered by a user, the search engine scans through its database to list only those website's which have matching keywords, thus delivering the information which has been requested.

With half the world's population now having access to the internet, nearly 90% of them find website's through search engines. Keeping in mind that the internet is increasing at great pace, search engines have become very selective in their searching criteria. You can't create a website with a nice title, good keywords and leave it to work for you; you need to enhance it with good quality unique content and optimize its pages to perform well, without which the search engines would not consider displaying your website to the end user.

Even though you have been careful enough to cover every point, there is still no guarantee of your website getting top search rankings. Search engines run on a confusing algorithm which does not stop at just your website, they look at every site that links to you to ensure they are relevant to your sites topic, and are good quality sites. If bad quality website's link to you, for example link farms & spam sites, your website will inevitably not rank as well as it could.

Swift Media UK is dedicated and committed:

  • To optimize your website in such a way as to fetch high web rankings
  • To Build SEO programs that are unique and customized to exactly what your website requires
  • To write or re-write content and produce quality, keyword rich & unique content

You can't afford to make silly mistakes when it comes to search engine optimisation as they can cost you a lot of money, and in some cases, may be irreversible.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words:

Many companies now offer search engine optimisation and internet marketing, but very few have the expertise and experience that Swift Media UK offer. When selecting a search engine ranking company check and compare with this list of our rankings - our search engine positions on 22-12-07. Please note that search engine positions vary and change month by month as the search engines update their algorithms.

Google UK Web Design Position 3
MSN UK Web Design Position 4
Yahoo UK Web Design Position 3
Google Team Kits Position 2
MSN Team Kits Position 1
Yahoo Team Kits Position 8
Google Logo Design Position 3
MSN Logo Design Position 1
Yahoo Logo Design Position 2
Google Nail Extensions Position 11
MSN Nail Extensions Position 2
Yahoo Nail Extensions Position 5

How did you find this page? You probably typed a keyword into a search engine & found us high in the rankings. We know how to write pages that allow search engine spiders to read and index them effectively, which is why we have so many high rankings for our own web sites and those of our clients.

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